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BeliFurniture, which means “buy furniture” in Bahasa Indonesia, is a startup that (surprise!) focuses on selling furniture online in the country. Founded in January 2012, claims to be the biggest office furniture reseller in Indonesia with 5,000 products posted. Co-founder Ronny Hartanto, tells us via e-mail:

When we started this business, many were skeptical about sustainability. However we were convinced that this business is going to be successful due to the fact that most traditional stores in Indonesia are using brochures, because there are too many products to display in their stores. Therefore buying online is definitely a much easier choice. Our biggest competitive advantage is that we publish our entire [range of] product prices online, unlike other offline/online stores where heavy negotiations are needed just to reach a selling price.

, Diliput Di

With 95 percent of its products being office furniture, it’s only natural that 90 percent of the customers are coming from corporations, even though its approach is B2C. With around 50,000 unique users, BeliFurniture claims its sales have been doubling each month and are growing very quickly. Because of low credit card adoption and other payment problems in Indonesia, most of the process still happens offline.

Going forward with a vision to dominate the furniture market in Indonesia, the ten-person team has a mission to help educate people that buying furniture online is easier, cheaper, and safe. Although the startup doesn’t necessarily need funding, it has been approached by several venture capital groups, and is open to any funding opportunities to “super charge” its growth.

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